Connected Vehicle: Apple And Google Already Take Power

Most manufacturers have chosen to open up to the operating systems of both GAFA, even if they do not intend to abandon their vehicles to the giants of computing.

Apple and Google are about to conquer the automotive market as they did with the smartphone. And nothing can stop them, according to Guillaume Crunelle, partner responsible for the automotive industry at Deloitte: “We are at a crucial moment in the history of the connected vehicle because their operating system is both a growth driver essential for GAFA and an opportunity not to be missed for manufacturers who want to enter the digital era. “

According to him, the collaboration will be essential between the industrialists and the two giants of tech, the first to have unsheathed their OS dedicated to the automobile: “In 2014, more than 90% of the vehicles produced were by manufacturers who had already signed agreements in principle with Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto, Google’s embedded operating system. “

“The digital continuity is not an option because the car has become the third screen of our life, eventually we will move from home to the street, from the street to the car and from the car to work without digital disruption. manufacturers are therefore legitimately wondering if not integrate Android and Apple will not slow down the purchase. There is a real questioning, “he continues.

Legitimate questions for the Spanish Seat, which has the youngest clientele on the French market with an average age of 36 years: “We met their very important expectations in terms of connectivity in 2015 by offering the option Full Link billed 170 euros and which integrates Android Auto, CarPlay and MirroLink, a system that allows to directly duplicate the screen of the smartphone on the onboard screen, “explains Luc Chausson, director of the brand Seat in France. Specifically, the vehicle’s embedded system offers to switch to CarPlay when you plug your iPhone, and Android Auto when you connect your Android mobile or stay on the interface designed by the manufacturer.

“Autonomous vehicle will create available brain time, it will be an accelerator of embedded services”

In the next two to three years, all cars should be equipped with the standard. Do not accept them that would refuse our customers to keep their habits, “explains Xavier Benoit, Head of Communication for Audi France.

“IT giants like Apple and Google have a lot of experience in infotainment and it will be very difficult to catch up with them, so they will be very useful to us on this point, and we will keep control of sensitive data because vehicles are loaded with sensors and become mines of information that must be preserved. Anonymous, we could even monetize them as Google does, “he says.

A statement shared by Renault: “The autonomous vehicle will create available brain time. This is going to be an accelerator of embedded services and the question arises today of what we will propose to the customer who will no longer drive”, says Benoit Joly, responsible sales and marketing of connected vehicles and mobility services at Renault.

“IT giants like Apple and Google have a lot of experience in infotainment and it will be very difficult to catch up with them”

His compatriot PSA admits he needs the know-how of the tech giants: “We do not see Apple and Google as the big bad wolves, they are able to offer great customer experiences, and we have no interest in integrating even infotainment services in the embedded system. The world of infotainment comes from the world of the smartphone, so it is normal that it remains, “observes Brigitte Courtehoux, director of the unit connected services and mobility at PSA Peugeot Citroen.

“Our added value is to build vehicles and integrate what the customer wants”

Like Renault with R-Link and PSA with Peugeot Connect and Citroën Multicity Connect, manufacturers do not forget their home operating systems. If BMW, whose 60% of customers have an iPhone, had no choice but to open up to Apple CarPlay, which it has been offering since last August as an option or to purchase on its Connected Store for nearly of 300 euros, he intends to keep control of what is happening in his cars and propose innovative features: “Apple CarPlay is a sub-service of our Connected Drive offer. It is considered as a possible interface but it does not We want to innovate, as we do with BMW Connected, which already links diary and navigation system and is able to preprogram routes but also automatically send an SMS to a contact defined to prevent the driver’s delay. We are also preparing for the arrival of giants via partnerships as with Amazon Echo. Through the artificial intelligence of this speaker connected, we will soon ask him the charge level of his electric vehicle and even order him to recharge it, “says Vincent Costet, ConnectedDrive Product Manager at BMW.

“There will surely be a link in the future with Waze, allowing the service to access the fuel level, or load”

Same reaction in his fellow Audi: “The future of our Audi Connect OS will go through features related to the use of the car, essential to driving. On 2017, thanks to the new services of Here, the specialist mapping that we bought with BMW and Daimler, the speed limits indicated by our navigation system will be updated in real time from the data read by the cameras on the road signs. This will be the first service based on the data captured by the vehicle, “says Xavier Benoit.

At Renault, like PSA Peugeot-Citroën, the arrival of Apple and Google has been delayed to the maximum, and will take place in 2017 or 2018. For prudence, but also to prepare offers they want to be more advanced: “We want to take the time to define together the best uses and services to offer users. We have just for example to sign a partnership with the Waze community navigation application, which will go through Android Auto as soon as it is We also signed in September with Microsoft, which could for example offer in the future an Office suite embedded on our system “, explains Benoit Joly.

“On the side of the users, the step to be taken to give up their personal data in exchange for a free service will be easy”

“There will surely be a link with Waze in the future, allowing the service to access the level of fuel, or load, to direct the motorist to the nearest service station in case of risk of dry failure”, suppose there.

“Android Auto requires access to a dozen data like the location of the vehicle, which is more accurate thanks to the GPS chip of the vehicle.

Prerequisites that do not hinder, for the moment, the relationship between manufacturers and IT giants. But Guillaume Crunelle warns: “The GAFA, like the manufacturers, have the habit of defining the rules and specifications to others, they will surely want to go further, and on the side of the users, the step to take to give up their personal data in exchange for a free service will be easily done. “

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