IPhone X Tips & Tricks: How To Make Full Use Of Your New Apple Device

How to watch videos in full-screen mode
When you start using the iPhone X, you’ll notice that most videos are 4: 3 or 16: 9, so if you’re looking in horizontal mode, you’ll see black bars on the edges of the video player.

One of the main selling points of the iPhone X is its edge-to-edge OLED display, which sounds a bit of a shame, but you can switch from “screen-friendly mode” to “full-screen mode”.
To do this, start the video player and double-click on the screen. This will adjust the image to fully fill the display.
A little warning. When you watch a video in full-screen mode, the edge of the image will be cut off, so you may miss details. But you will also have to endure the “notch” at the top of the screen.

Full-screen mode is only available in some applications, for example in Netflix, but not in the BBC player.

How to save Animojis in your iPhone
One of the most interesting features of the iPhone X is the possibility of creating Animojis – 3D, real-made emoji, which follows your facial expressions and creates animated characters for the use of messages.

A few days after the iPhone X came on sale, there was a new craze under the name of Animoji Karaoke, users can express the words of their favorite songs in the guise of these emoji characters.

How to activate the flashlight from your locked screen
If you often fumble in the dark, you’d be happy to wait until the iPhone X has made it easier to turn on the flashlight from your locked screen.

All you need to do is press the flashlight icon at the bottom left of the screen using 3D Touch, and the light will be on. Perform the same action to turn off the lamp.

You can also start the camera from the locked screen by tapping the camera icon at the bottom right.

How to force restart your iPhone X
You’d be surprised to know that holding the power button on one side of the iPhone does not turn it off, but instead activates Siri.

If you want to turn off your iPhone, you must press the power button and the Volume (+) or Volume (-) button at the same time, then swipe the icon that will appear to turn off the iPhone.

If your iPhone has crashed and you need to force it to start, quickly press and release the Volume (+) button, do the same with the Volume (-) button.

How to improve your selfie game

With the iPhone X, Apple has made huge improvements to the front camera, one of them is the ability to use portrait mode and portrait lighting in selfie mode.

The portrait mode, originally introduced with the rear camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, creates a depth effect by blurring the background while keeping the subject neat.
The portrait lighting, which came with the iPhone 8 Plus, adds improved lighting to make your photos more vivid.

With these features now available on the front camera of the iPhone X, you can really enhance your selfie by creating professional-looking portraits.

Some tips – if the message in the camera preview says it’s too bright, try to find a spot with indirect light, and if the message says the background is too far, it means you are more than 15 feet from a background, so try to stand in front of something.

How to take a picture when you are doing a video recording
Do you suddenly realize that you missed some great photos while recording the video?

iPhone X lets you do both at once, so if you want to take photos while recording a video, just tap the white circle to the left of your recording button.

With the dual lens camera on iPhone X, you can now take videos with the optical zoom, so take perfect pictures.

How to call emergency services
This is an important topic to know – so that you can use it when you need it, but also to avoid having to call emergency services by accident.

You can trigger Emergency SOS on the iPhone X by pressing the side button and volume button for 6 seconds to quickly call the emergency services.

Or, you can also start SOS by clicking the side button five times very quickly. The 5-click option can be activated under Settings> SOS Emergency> Also works with 5 clicks.

How to use Apple Pay with Face ID
If you’re used to using Apple Pay with Touch ID, it may take a little while to adapt to the new payment method, but if you’re an Apple Watch user, the action may seem more familiar to you.

To pay in a store, double-click on the power button, then take a quick look at the screen to authenticate with Face ID and hold your phone to the end.

You may need to hold your phone gently as if you were taking a selfie, but Face ID will recognize your face better from different angles over time, so you will be able to do it discreetly.

Once you have completed the authentication, you have 60 seconds to complete the transaction, otherwise, you will be asked to repeat the process.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X
With the disappearance of the physical button, the screen capture process has also changed.

The image will appear as a thumbnail in the lower left corner of the screen. If you tap it, you can crop and edit the screenshot before saving it.
How to close an application on iPhone X
It is a common misconception that removing applications running in the background on your iPhone will free up memory and preserve battery life.

It’s actually totally useless because iOS automatically “freezes” applications that run in the background, which drastically limits what they can do and free the RAM they use.

But sometimes an application can get stuck, and the only way to get it working again is to force the application to close and restart.

To do this, drag the bottom edge up, and then pause until the application selector appears on the screen. Then scroll until you find the app you want to close, tap the app, and then tap the red minus sign.

There’s also a new way to quickly access your previous apps, swiping left and right at the bottom of the screen.

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